Frequently Asked Questions

Below are list of questions we have been frequently asked about DearO.

What is DearO?

DearO is a powerful, all-in-one garage management system. It helps workshops manage their day to day operations in the most effective and efficient manner.

DearO is characterized with an intuitive and user-friendly flow and simple to understand dashboards and reports.

DearO is powered by intelligent customer history maintenance, service scheduler and part-finder which are designed to make a workshop owner's life easy, and managing business a breeze.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can get a 7-day free trial on DearO. To activate your free trial, please fill in the Contact Us form & our team will get back to you.

Which subscription package is right for me?

Based on the type & size of your workshop, you can select appropriate subscription plan for your workshop. If you need any assistance in selecting right plan for you please give us a call on 8080 133 133 & we will be happy to help.

Can I upgrade to a higher plan in between?

Yes, please contact us whenever you want to swich to a higher plan & we will guide you regarding the same.

I own more than 1 workshop, how many subscription plans should I purchase.

It is 1 subscription plan per workshop. In case you have chain of workshops, please contact us directly & we can arrive at a right plan for you.

Will I need training to use DearO?

DearO is very simple & easy to use. You will be able to use it right away without any training. Whenever in any doubt, you can get back to us & we will be happy to help.

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is absolutely safe & secure.

Does DearO work offline?

No, DearO is an online system. Data entered is instantly available to all the other users of your workshop accessing it via various devices. This also ensures that the phone memory is not utilized for storing any information.

What devices are supported by DearO?

The DearO app works on any Android device. We recommend Android version 5 & above.

Is there a limit on the number of job cards?

No, you can create unlimited job cards.

How many users can my workshop have on DearO?

There is no restriction on the number of users.

Is there any access control?

Yes, currently DearO supports the following user roles

  • Service Advisor - Can manage the complete Job Card flow but cannot generate Invoice
  • Accountant - Can generate invoice
  • Parts Incharge - Can manage Inventory
  • Owner/Works Manager - Has all the rights

Can multiple users work on DearO simultaneouly?

Yes, all the users can be logged in & working simultaneously in DearO

Will updates be available to me? Will you charge extra for the updates?

All the updates will be available to you free of cost.

How do I pay for DearO subscription?

We accept payment via NEFT & PayTM.

Is monthly subscription plan available?

No, currently we have only annual subscription plans.

Can I manage my inventory on DearO?

Yes. If the subscription plan you have selected has inventory management, it will be available to you.

Does DearO have accounting system?

DearO supports customer invoicing & purchase management. You can export the data from DearO to your preferred accounting system.

Can I do Insurance billing?

Yes. In DearO you can create Accidental job card & split the invoice between customer & insurance company. If the subscription plan you have selected has accidental job card, the same will be available to you.

My workshop does both 4-wheeler & 2-wheeler servicing, do I need to purchase 2 account?

You can manage both 4-wheeler & 2-wheeler servicing from a single account. Contact Us for pricing for such workshops.